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As the leading Harassment in the Workplace Investigation Consultancy Business in Canada, HR Proactive Inc. has been providing clients with sound, neutral and timely investigations for more than twenty-five years. We are frequently retained to conduct neutral-third party workplace harassment investigations across Canada, in both English and French.

Our expertise in this field comes from our unique experience of having worked at the Human Rights Commission and modeling our investigative approach after the standards taught in the field at the legislative body. HR Proactive Inc. maintains the highest level of professionalism in our work and our reports reflect the level of scrutiny achieved through peer review and other quality control measures to ensure a defensible investigation report.

HR Proactive Inc. has helped employers bring restoration to the most contentious, sensitive cases and provide post investigation remedial training.

Sectors of Experience

Harassment Investigation Canada

At HR Proactive Inc., we have conducted workplace investigations across Canada in all major sectors and are a trusted provider to:

Government & Municipalities

School Boards

Not-for Profit Organizations

Health Care & Hospitals


Property Management & Condo Boards

Types of Complaints

HR Proactive Inc. has conducted neutral third-party investigations into the following types of complaints:

  • Personal Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence
  • Poisoned Work Environment
  • Bullying and Psychological Harassment
  • Abuse of Authority Harassment
  • Racial Harassment and Workplace Discrimination
  • Gender Harassment
  • Religion/Creed Harassment
  • Disability-based Harassment
  • Age-based Harassment
  • Sexual Orientation Harassment
  • Physical Violence & Harassment
  • Systemic Discrimination
  • Cyberbullying Harassment
  • Third-party Harassment
  • Retaliation Harassment
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Financial Impropriety
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment Investigations under the Canada Labour Code

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