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Our Reputation in Workplace Investigations


HR Proactive Inc. is a premier Canadian Consultancy that employers from coast to coast trust to provide the highest standard of products and services to meet the complex needs of todays diverse workplace.

Respectful Treatment

Individuals are treated with dignity and their rights are protected. We know that being subject to a harassment complaint or involved in one is stressful and can tarnish reputations. Most parties want to be heard and feel that the investigative process was impartial and the results reasonable.

Harassment Investigations


We maintain a roster of experienced investigators so we can respond immediately when client need arises. Our case handling is conducted with a view of resolving the investigation as thoroughly and efficiently as possible to restore the workplace.


We let the facts and evidence speak for itself in our reports and do not rely on speculation or presumptions, but on facts, evidence, and carefully considered assessments of credibility.

Legally Defensible

We investigate with a view of our report and investigator withstanding scrutiny should the case go to a tribunal or court.


We are highly trained interviewers and provide a forum for parties to feel at ease and assured of neutrality and consistently applied rules of judicial fairness. We take great lengths to uphold confidentiality in our reporting and in our advising of the parties to a complaint. A properly conducted investigation should increase employee morale, the respectful and civil nature of the workplace environment, and the level of commitment that employees feel towards the company.

The Report

We are a trusted partner that can conduct expert, professional investigations.

We do not guarantee outcomes and will go where the evidence takes us. We are highly valued for our objective approach that always maintains the integrity of the investigation.


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